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hello, i'm michelle kelly


My passion for movement began at age 3 when my grandma Bobbie Butterfield & aunt Tracy Bybee introduced me to the joy of dance!

I didn't realize it at the time, but the presence, energetic expression, processing of emotions, community, & disciplined hard-work were what hooked me. Movement & nature have been profound & reliable grounding forces in my life. 

After a robust professional dance career, I pursued a master's degree and became a Clinical Mental Health Counselor. This is when I discovered how trauma, grief, anxiety, depression etc. manifest in the body. During my 10+ years as a healing professional, I've learned movement remains one of the most powerful ways to release stuck energy, decrease cortisol levels, & create a sense of embodiment & connection to the now. 

Fierce & Free MVMT interweaves the worlds of movement & wellness to promote increased resilience, purpose, presence, connection, & joy.

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Professional Highlights

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Courses hosted at: academy.fierceandfree.org