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Michelle Kelly Sex Therapist

hello, i'm michelle kelly



My enthusiasm for movement began at age 3 when I was introduced to the joy of dance. The presence, energetic release, processing of emotions, community & disciplined hard-work fueled my soul! It also promoted unique expression of myself, an invitation to focus on personal growth & the courage to pursue my goals.

After a robust professional dance career, I completed a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I founded POW Therapyspecializing in Sex Therapy, EMDR Therapy & Holistic Health. During my 10+ years as a healing professional, I've learned movement & authentic expressions of oneself remain two of the most powerful ways to create a sense of embodiment & joy.


My passion for creating optimal wellness within ourselves, our relationships & the energy we bring to the world prompted me to create Fierce & Free MVMT. This allows me to expand my knowledge & strengths beyond the therapy realm.

Fierce & Free MVMT interweaves the worlds of wellness & movement to promote increased resilience, purpose, presence, connection, & joy.

Join the Fierce & Free MVMT community by booking a coaching session, workshop, public speaking event, or stay connected to nuggets of goodness for your soul on Instagram.

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Professional Highlights

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Photo Credit: Jay Dash Photography - Michelle Kelly atop Hounds Tooth. SLC, UT

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